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Hints & Tips

We thought we'd include this section  to bring you snippets to make stitching easier or more accomplished or  simply more elegant.

However, rather than just limiting ourselves to what we think, what we would really like to to do is include hint or tips that you have found useful. You know the sort of thing - little secrets that  someone has passed on to you - or that little gem that you have  discovered for yourself that makes stitching so much easier. We can't  promise that we will include them all but if we do incorporate them on  the page we will include the donor's name. (If we get two the same we  will acknowledge the first one we receive).

So go on - send your ideas  to us - you never  know your tip may be featured on our website.

In the meantime, we have been asked more times than we can remember how to do a “Loop start”.  Just click on the button in the menu on the left to find out.....